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On Enlightenment

Are you seeking Enlightenment?

Have even been experiencing "Awakening" symptoms?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night, usually at the same time?
  • Do you have vivid intense dreams that seem to have a deeper significance than regular dreams?
  • Do your sleeping dreams actually come true?
  • Do you have flashes of insight or sometimes just know information that no one has told you?
These are some of the milder symptoms of the "Awakening" of your soul, you are not alone. Throughout human history there have been people who have "Awakened" and depending on the culture they were born into they have been highly regarded as a prophet or feared. There is a consensus of perception of this awakening experience that transcends time and class and any other category people like to place themselves in. This is because in truth we are all one and as one when we experience our true selves we experience the same self. Granted, the details on approach to oneness are slightly different but the pinnacle of the journey is always the same, infinite bliss, Love and ONENESS.Allow yourself to be propelled along the river to enlightenment. You have an amazing opportunity before you!

Our challenges are our key to opening the door to Enlightenment.

Your perception of the world aroud you, is a reflection of the world within you.  Sometimes it is easier to see the things that need to be adressed in the world than to see within ourselves our opportunities for evolution.

The way to authentic unconditional Love is through Practice. If love is not sometihing you are familiar with yet, start with admiration, and practice allowing yourself to admire something, anything.

I love the clouds, especially when they look like guides.

The Secret to Enlightenment is Authentic Unconditional Love.

Believe or Know? When you experience something for yourself then you know!

I encourage scepticism, I believe that my demanding and expecting evidence from God was one of the contributing factors that I had this experience. I want you to experience enlightenment for yourself.

My glass is full. 

Some people are a class half full type of person. Some people are a glass half empty sort of person.  I would say that glass is completely full…Half full of H2O and half full of O2.

……………….Mary Deioma

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